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What is meant by registration and depositing of copyright objects (works)?

The National Center of Intellectual Property (NCIP):

1. Takes custody of a digital copy of a work, and required documents and materials of such a work, with calculation of the checksum (hash value) of the archive file in order to preserve intact the information provided.

2. Records the information about the work in the Register of Computer Programmes, Database Register or Register of Copyright Objects.

3. Publishes information about the copyright object, including the name of the author (co-authors) and other right holders of the work, on the NCIP website (at the request of the applicant).

4. Issues a certificate of voluntary registration and depositing of the copyright object to the applicant.

Registration and depositing are voluntary and in no way constitute a condition for the emergence of copyright, but information on a voluntarily registered copyright object may be used in court along with other evidence in relation to disputed works. The procedure is carried out upon the author’s or other right holder’s application for additional verification of:

  • existence of the work as of a certain date;
  • designation by the applicant of a person as the author or other right holder of a work as of a certain date;
  • indication by the applicant of information about the work included in the application, as well as documents and materials attached thereto.

Which works can be registered and deposited?

  • literary
  • screenplay
  • musical (with and without lyrics)
  • audiovisual
  • works of visual art
  • works of applied art and design
  • architectural, urban planning and landscaping works
  • photographic
  • related to geography, cartography and other sciences
  • computer programmes
  • works of science
  • other works (including databases)

How to submit an application and required documents and materials?

1. Directly to NCIP at: 20, Kozlov St., Minsk.

2. By e-mail:

3. By mail: 20, Kozlov St., Minsk, 220034.

What type of contract is the legal basis for registration and depositing services?

A contract for voluntary registration and depositing services, which is a contract of adhesion, is signed on a fee-for-service basis. To accept the terms and conditions of the contract, it is sufficient to tick the appropriate box on the application form agreeing to all the terms and conditions of the contract, receive a notification invoice from NCIP, pay for the services provided and submit the payment document to NCIP directly or by e-mail / mail. The contract is considered signed right after paying the registration and depositing fees.

How long does it take for the registration and depositing services to be provided?

5 working days counted from the day following the day of sending the document on payment of the cost of services to NCIP.

For more information please contact at: or by phone + 375 (17) 272 99 02.