Limitations to the Use of Works

On legal nature of use of certain works

On behalf of the National Center for Intellectual Property (NCIP), acting within the framework of existing contractual relations concerning the use of works under the collective management of NCIP, we inform the following.

NCIP received an application from the author of a musical work (song) "Molitva" Molchan Oleg Vladimirovich about defining the special order of use of the specified song. In accordance with the application, Oleg V. Molchan has banned the use of his work to performer Peter Yelfimov. Thus, the secondary use of the song "Molitva" performed by P. Yelfimov, including by broadcasting a performance recording as part of television or radio programs, is contrary to the ban on the author as the owner of the exclusive right to the work.

NCIP continues to manage O.V. Molchan's economic rights to public performance, communication to the public, reproduction and distribution in relation to the song "Molitva". However, according to the author's statement, specific instances of use of the above-mentioned work by the above means must be agreed upon in advance either with O.V. Molchan or with NCIP, as a collective management organization.

We ask you to take into account the above information and take it into consideration when using the listed works according to the terms and conditions of your agreement with NCIP.

For more information, please call +375 (17) 294 43 17.