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Registration of computer programs is carried out by the National Center of Intellectual Property (NCIP) voluntarily at the discretion of the author or other holder of the exclusive right to a computer program (hereinafter – the right holder) in order to provide services to the right holders based on the information they file (documents confirming the computer program creation and the exclusive right to such a program possessed by a certain person).

Registration carried out by NCIP is not a ground or condition for the emergence and exercise of copyright to a computer program and is carried out for the purpose of additional confirmation of its existence, ownership of copyright and other factual circumstances in the amount of information contained in the application for the computer program registration and documents attached.

The procedure for registering a computer program is carried out within the framework of a contract for the provision of paid services for registering a computer program, concluded by the right holder with NCIP. The basis for the conclusion of the contract is the appeal of the right holder (application), drawn up in accordance with the established form and submitted to NCIP in person (through an authorized representative) or by mail with attached documentsnecessary for making a decision on the possibility of registering such a program. Upon conclusion of the agreement with the right holder NCIP processes the application and submitted documents, and provides support for the registration procedure for the benefit of the right holder.

After registering a computer program:

  • the right holder receives a certificate issued by NCIP confirming the registration of a computer program;
  • the data on the computer program is added to the NCIP register and posted on the NCIP website;
  • the materials of the computer program are deposited with NCIP within a five-year period with the possibility of renewal for the same period, and can subsequently be used to confirm on behalf of NCIP the conditions required by the right holder.

Additional information on the registration of computer programs can be obtained by tel. +375 (17) 272 96 52, +375 (17) 272 97 99 or by e-mail:

Register of computer programs registered at the National Center of Intellectual Property: