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The registration of computer programs is carried out by the National Center of Intellectual Property (hereinafter referred to as NCIP) in the order of rendering services to interested persons on their initiative (appeal) based on the information they provide (the materials confirming the creation of a computer program and the ownership of the exclusive right to such a computer program by a particular person).

The registration carried out by NCIP is not the basis or condition for the establishing and implementation of copyright on the computer program and is performed for the purpose of providing the applicant with an independent confirmation of the fact of creating the computer program and that he/she owns the exclusive right to this object.

The procedure for registration of the computer program is carried out within the framework of the agreement concluded by the applicant with NCIP. The basis for the conclusion of the agreement is the applicant’s request (application) drawn up in accordance with the established form and submitted to NCIP personally (through an authorized representative) or by post with the attachment of the materials necessary for making a decision on the possibility of registering the computer program. NCIP having concluded the agreement with the applicant carries out the necessary processing of the application and the materials submitted, ensures in the interests of the applicant the maintenance of the registration procedure.

As a result of the procedure for registering computer programs:

  • the applicant receives a certificate from NCIP on registration of the computer program,
  • data on the computer program are entered in the NCIP’s Register and placed on the NCIP’s website,
  • materials of the computer program are deposited in NCIP over a five-year period, with the possibility of extension for the same period and can subsequently be used to confirm, on behalf of NCIP, the circumstances necessary for the applicant.

Additional information on the registration of computer programs can be obtained by phone +375 (17) 272 96 52, +375 (17) 272 97 99 or by email

  • application for the provision of services for the registration of a computer program;
  • list of materials required to provide services for the registration of a computer program;
  • price list for computer software registration services.

The Register of computer programs registered with the National Center of Intellectual Property: