Industrial Property Objects

The database provides you with access to the information about industrial property objects registered in the state registers of the Republic of Belarus, as well as subsequent amendments to these registrations.

The database is based on the monthly updated information from the State Patent Fund of the Republic of Belarus.

The system allows you to carry out the main types of search:

  • thematic (subject) – by the name of the industrial property object or the classification index;
  • numerical – by the number of the application or patent (certificate);
  • personalized (brand) – by full name of the copyright holder, applicant or author.

Database search

The database is a resource used for reference purposes only.

Official information on filed applications, registered industrial property objects, titles of protection in force in the Republic of Belarus, as well as amendments made to the state registers of industrial property objects, is issued in the official publications of the National Center of Intellectual Property.