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The emblem of the National Center of Intellectual Property (hereinafter - the emblem).Interpretation of the Meaning of the Elements of the Emblem.The central elements of the emblem are stylized letters that reveal the name and meaning of the symbolism. The letter “i” symbolizes the word “intellectual”, the golden colour of which emphasizes its importance and high value, the letter “ў” symbolizes the concept of “property”, the red colour of which in heraldry is consonant with the concept of “Strength” and “Power”. The abbreviation “iў” by an arc and a dot forms an associative “eye”, symbolizing vigilance in the implementation of the protection of rights of intellectual property.

The combination of letters “i” and “ў” is exclusive characteristic only for the Belarusian alphabet.

The emblem is based on the use of  Belarusian ornament patterns embodying the concepts: ”Human”(“eight-horn cross”) and “Field” (square), While  “Human-cross” emphasizes the achievements of people in the intellectual property, the ends of its crossbars are stylized as open books, which also reinforces the concepts: “Knowledge”, “Intelligence”, “Accounting”, “Register”. The pattern “Earth” symbolizes industrial facilities and the register of industrial property rights.

In modern Belarusian heraldry and symbolism, the “eight-horn cross” is perceived as the national symbol of Belarusians, which is consonant with the name of NCIP and reinforced by the choice of “state colour combinations of the flag” – red and green.

The number of “horns” of the cross can be interpreted as the eight main areas of NCIP’s activity, as well as the versatility and multi-vector nature of work.