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2 August 2022

The session was attended by representatives of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Tajikistan and the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO). Upon the proposal of the members of the PWGI the Vice-President of the EAPO Emil Mammadov was unanimously elected as a Chairman of the PWGI.

The National Center of Intellectual Property was represented by Alena Usachova, Head of the Industrial Property Examination Department, Aleksandr Mazanik, Head of the Patent Documentation and Editorial Department, Arthur Akhramenka, Head of the International Cooperation Division, Vladimir Volk, Deputy Head of the Digital Technology Department, Svetlana Volk, Deputy Head of the Division of Registration and Promotion of Industrial Property Commercialization.

In accordance with the PWGI competence, the session participants considered various aspects of EAPO and EAPO member states' national patent offices cooperation in the field of information technologies.

In the result of the PWGI session it was noted that the existing joint information projects concerning technical assistance of EAPO member state patent offices, providing access to EAPO information resources, issuance of CISPATENT, joint information product were of high priority; further development of these projects was recommended. It was also noted that the patent offices of the EAPO member states were interested in getting acquainted with the possibility of using the software and hardware tools and solutions implemented within the projects for digitalization of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property activities.

The PWGI also decided to instruct the EAPO to study the possibility of including of a new project on implementation and use of tools and technical solutions for working with 3D models into the list of joint information projects.

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