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29 December 2022

On December 28, 2022, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NAS of Belarus) hosted the awarding ceremony of the winners of the intellectual property contest «Discovering the World of Intellectual Property» among schoolchildren.

The main purpose of the competition was to disseminate knowledge in the field of intellectual property and to draw attention to this topic among the students of 9-11th grades of the general secondary education institutions of Belarus.

The winners were 20 students who demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of intellectual property from the Lunnenskaya Secondary School, Mezhisetskaya Secondary School, Secondary School № 8 of Polotsk, Farinovskaya Secondary School of the Polotsk Region, Gymnasium № 1 of Baranovichi, Secondary School № 3 of Borisov and Gymnasium № 2 of Brest. The contest also featured two additional categories - "Best Mentor" and "Best School. The winners received valuable prizes.

«Our children are creators of a lot of intellectual property. Some write poetry, some compose music, and some are on the verge of great discoveries, unknowingly. That's why it's very important to introduce them as early as possible to such a phenomenon as intellectual property - that's what our contest was aimed at. The combination of educational and competitive elements allowed to expand the geography of the contest and cover all regions of the country,» Sergei Shlychkov, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology (SCST) said during the event opening. He said that the competition has become a stimulus to attract the attention of the younger generation to the field of intellectual property and an effective platform for acquiring new knowledge and sharing experiences has been created.

According to First Deputy Minister of Education Irina Starovoitova, more than 1.8 thousand students from about 300 schools from all over the country participated in the contest. «Whatever we do, we are surrounded by intellectual property everywhere. Whether it's research or creating creative products, choreography, dance, music - it's everywhere. There is a lot of interest in the competition among those who are really interested in this topic. This event involves not just doing some tasks, but learning the basics at specialized lectures. We plan to develop this work further, «- said I. Starovoitova.

The organizers are the National Center of Intellectual Property (NCIP), the Ministry of Education, the SCST, the Council of Young Scientists of NCIP and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Source - BELTA

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Photo: NCIP