First comics treaty presented at Distant & Digital Conference

25 february 2022


The international Educational Conference “Distant & Digital”, the largest event within the IP and LegalTech sphere, was held on the basis of the modern multi-functional platform for technological business “Digital Business Space” in Moscow in February of 2022. During the session dedicated to the legal empathy economy and the design selling to (non)lawyers, experts in law, communications and design discussed the efficient ways to develop the user friendly interface and unite multi-page documents with visual elements.

Among the presented projects – legal support service for the Foundation “Podari Zhizn” providing the user friendly and well-structured NDA both in text mode and in comics solution. It was noted that Legal Design instruments implementation within projects will provide the possibility to save the lawyers time, ease the complicated information perception for inexperienced users and enhance communication tools by means of advanced information accessibility provision.

According to Maria Markushova, LegelPics designer, the main design’s purpose is to make every contract point clear to all the users quickly with the help of pictograms or other small illustrations. When people face huge unstructured texts they may become messy and irritant, that’s why the documents should be maximally enjoyable, easily understandable and non-annoying.

Source - TASS.