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1 November 2022

The I Congress of Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISC) of the Republic of Belarus is scheduled for November 30, 2022 for employees of TISCs and everyone interested.

The event is organized by the National Center of Intellectual Property with the support of the State Committee on Science and Technology.

For reference:
Establishment of the TISC network is an international project, initiated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2009 with the aim to ensure access of the innovators in developing countries to the sources of high quality technical information and other related services at the local level.

In the Republic of Belarus, the TISC network project is being implemented by the NCIP in accordance with the Agreement between the NCIP and WIPO of October 10, 2016.

The first TISC was opened at the Republican Scientific and Technical Library on June 2, 2017.

There will be a broadcast on the NCIP website for anyone wishing to connect online.


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