Siarhei Shlychkou: Belarusian development perspectives directly depend on its intellectual potential realization

27 january 2022


Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus Siarhei Shlychkou took part in the press-conference dedicated to the Belarusian Science Day and Belarusian academic science 100th anniversary.

In his speech, Siarhei Shlychkou noted that it is very emblematic that yesterday President met with prominent scientists at the Palace of the Republic and discussed a wide range of issues, from import substitution and export development to implementation of scientific developments in the economy real sector. President noted that knowledge and technologies are being updated rapidly, the one who loses in this race runs the risk of losing everything, even the country. Therefore, the Belarusian development prospects directly depend on its intellectual potential realization and effective innovation.

He also mentioned that in 2021 Belarus strengthened its positions in the Global Innovation Index. Our country is now 62nd among 132 states. According to some consistent indications indirectly related to the intellectual property sphere the Belarusian positions are even higher (human capital and research – 38th, knowledge and technological output – 37th, training specialists in science and technology – 11th).

Source - SCST.

Photo: SCST