Filing of applications: +375 (17) 272 98 43
Consultation on IP: +375 (17) 272 97 14
30 September 2009

As prescribed by the Statute on the National Center of Intellectual Property, approved by Resolution No 641 of 31.05.2004, issued by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, and the NCIP Charter (registered on 10.05.2007, reg. No 190310695), the NCIP is subordinate to the State Committee on Science and Technologies of the Republic of Belarus and provides for exercising the collective management in the Republic of Belarus, in particular, it is responsible for collecting fees for exploitation of the subject matters of copyright under the agreements concluded with the users.

The NCIP acts as a full cessionary of the Belarusian Authors’ Society in the relations with authors and other owners of copyright and related rights, the collective management societies (or entities) of other states, users. Hence, the entities carrying out exploitation of the subject matters of copyright and related rights under the earlier concluded agreements, shall effect payments of author’s remuneration to the NCIP bank accounts, with relevant agreements being valid and not required to be renewed.

THE NCIP BANKING INFORMATION for settlement of payments is given below:
Bank Account No (BYR): 363 290 000 2644
Bank Account No (RUB): 363 290 000 2846
Bank Account No (USD): 363 290 000 2862
Bank Account No (EUR): 363 290 000 2875

The accounts are opened with BELARUSBANK Joint Stock Saving Bank in Minsk,
Bank Code 153001795;
Bank Address: 32 Myasnikov Str., Minsk, 220050, Republic of Belarus
Unified Taxpayer’s No (УНП): 190310695,
All-Russia Nomenclature of Businesses and Organizations (OKПO): 00040175

MAIL ADDRESS (for mailing correspondence and account documentation):
20 Kozlova Str., Minsk, 220034, Republic of Belarus

Telephone: (+375 17) 294 85 03; 294 25 62 (Russian)