Belarusians Contributing to the World Science and Technology Development (David Kolesnikov)

8 july 2020


On July 7, 1890, David L. Kolesnikov was born in the village of Antonovka in the Golenevsky volost (Chaussy district, Mogilev province). He is a self-taught innovator, inventor of the bristle-pulling machine, electric hammer and other useful mechanisms and devices. He was the first rationalizer in the republic to be awarded the honorary title "Honored Inventor of the BSSR" and a gold medal in 1960.

The first inventions of D. Kolesnikov introduced into production were a special wood cutting mechanism, flax cutter (for the Orsha Flax Mill), pug mill, brick cutting table and others.

In 1939, Kolesnikov was the first in the world to invent bristle-pulling machine that could substitute 40 workers. David Kolesnikov was given the copyright certificate and was called by telegram to Moscow. On September 2, 1940, in the Kremlin, Mikhail Kalinin awarded the inventor from Mogilev with the Order of Lenin. That year the People's Commissariat of Light Industry of the USSR decided to release industrial designs of the machine for mass production. D. Kolesnikov worked on improving this mechanism almost his whole life.

While working as a craftsman at the Industrial School of Power Engineers from August 1941 to March 1944 in Balakhna, he participated in the restoration of equipment needed for the country's defense, as well as designed and manufactured some items himself. He invented an easy-to-use and original in design double-sided forging electric hammer producing 52 automatic beats per minute that was adopted by the technical commission in February 1942. In December 1943 Kolesnikov was sent to the tank factory in the city of Sormovo, Gorky region, to reproduce that hammer design there.

In the postwar period D. Kolesnikov tested a 200-pound hammer at the Minsk Tannery; subsequently it was put into operation in the BSSR. After improving the mechanism for pulling bristles, the inventor also designed a device for better leather stretching.

This invention (bristle-pulling machine) laid the foundation for practical mechanization and automation of tanneries both in our country, and far abroad.
In 1949, David Kolesnikov was awarded the second Order of Lenin. Together with the tannery team he was given the Diploma of the III degree for the demonstration of the bristle-pulling machine at VDNH in Moscow.

David Kolesnikov devoted his life to invention activities creating hundreds of useful devices and mechanisms.

From the database of the Republican Library for Science and Technology.

Kolesnikov D, photo: NCIP