Belarusians Contributing to the World Science and Technology Development (Isaac Bruk)

26 june 2021


Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, a scientist in the field of electrical engineering and computing equipment, the inventor of the first digital computer, one of the founders of domestic computer science.

Isaac Bruk was born on November 8, 1902 in Minsk. In 1920 he graduated from school, and in 1925 from the Electrotechnical Faculty of Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman (MSTU). Being a student, I. Bruk took up scientific research. His diploma was devoted to the new ways of regulating asynchronous engines. At the end of his studies at MSTU I. Bruk worked in the All-Union Electrotechnical Institute named after V.I. Lenin, where he participated in the creation of a new series of asynchronous engines and solving problems of parallel operation of electric generators.

In 1930-1935 under the leadership of I. Bruk at the Kharkov Electrotechnical Plant, several electrical machines of the new design were developed and built, including explosion-proof asynchronous engines. In 1935, I. Bruk returned to Moscow and on the recommendation of the Academician K.I. Shenfer, the prominent expert in the field of electric engineering, was sent to the Energy Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. There I. Bruk organized the laboratory of electrical systems and began a study in the field of calculating the modes of powerful energy systems. To design such systems, he has created a calculated AC Table – an analog computing machine. In 1936, I. Bruk received the Candidate of Technical Sciences degree without defending the thesis, and in October 1936 he defended his doctoral thesis on the topic “Longitudinal compensation of power lines”.

During the Great Patriotic War, continuing his research in the field of electric power industry, I. Bruk successfully worked on anti-aircraft fire management systems, invented a synchronizer of an aviation gun, which shot through the rotating propeller of the aircraft. In 1947 I. Bruk was elected a full member of the Academy of Artillery Sciences.

I. Bruk published more than 100 scientific papers and received more than 50 copyright certificates for inventions.

Sourced from the database of the Republican Library on Science and Technology.