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3 June 2022

The trademarks of the Belarusian Automobile Plant BELAZ are recognized as well-known in Russia. JSC "BELAZ" - the "BELAZ-Holding" managing company protects its intellectual property rights and seeks to prevent their illegal use.

Another event in this sphere was the official recognition of the verbal designations "BELAZ" and BELAZ as well-known trademarks in the Russian Federation since January 1, 2016 in respect of goods of the 12th class of the Nice Classification "dump trucks, tractors, spare parts for them". This decision was taken by the panel of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, having included the well-known trademark "BELAZ" under №244 and BELAZ under №245 in the list of well-known marks in the Russian Federation from May 5 and May 9, 2022, respectively.

As one of the recognized leaders in the world market of mining equipment, the Belarusian Automobile Plant "BELAZ" is already the right holder of a series of registered word marks including the elements "BELAZ" and BELAZ, as well as the right holder of two international registrations. These marks are widely used for marking a large volume of products.

Source: BELTA.