Distant & Digital Online Conference to present services for IP development

18 september 2020


Within the framework of the international online conference Distant & Digital, which will be held on October 8-9, 2020, the world's leading experts, representatives of large businesses and start-up community will discuss the development trends of innovative technologies in the intellectual property (IP) field. Using the examples of real cases, they will explain how to competently leverage IP assets in the new digital reality. Three key tracks of the event – "Creation", "Management" and "Enforcement" – will be devoted to these and other relevant topics.

The platform will bring together top speakers from Singapore, Hong Kong, Great Britain, Germany and Russia – COO of the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL), SAL Ventures Executive Director Paul Nio, Chairman of the International Organization ALITA Josh Lee, CEO and founder of Lexemo Pascal di Prima, managing partner of Deloitte Legal in the CIS Anna Kostyra, top management of innovative leaders Nextlaw Labs, Allen & Overy, Wolters Kluwer and many others.

The first day of the conference will be opened with the plenary session "Artificial Intelligence in the Evolution of Law: Trends and Opportunities". The plenary session dedicated to the legislative regulation of big data will open the second day of the conference.

The "Creation" track will include lectures, discussions and workshops on the development and emergence of IP rights and their registration. Experts will discuss computer creativity, in particular, the peculiarities of the legal protection of the source code, the prospects for automating the preparation of patent applications, and the ownership of rights to the COVID-19 vaccine. Representatives of the World Intellectual Property Organization and the Eurasian Patent Organization will take part in the discussions.

The "Management" track will focus on the efficient use and monetization of protected objects, as well as on the issue of IP value. The experts will talk about new media and channels of information from the copyright perspective, the problem of valuation of intangible assets and finding a balance between IP and competitive approaches to dealing with data.

In the track "Enforcement" the experts will talk about competition in the IP market, as well as competent investment and export of intangible assets. The speakers will talk about electronic evidence in IP disputes, private investigations in case of illegal use of counterfeit goods, and the calculation of compensation for infringement of IP rights.

Conference organizers: IPChain Association, Federation of Intellectual Property (FIS), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the international communication brand IPQuorum. Co-organizer – Skolkovo Foundation.

For more details, please, visit the event website.

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