Inventors from Belarus (Viktor Emelyanov)

24 april 2021


Scientist in the field of material science and microelectronics, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Honoured Inventor of the Republic of Belarus. Academician of the Belarusian Academy of Engineering Technologies and International Academy of Informatization. Honorary worker of the USSR electronic industry. Member of the International Institute for Electrical Engineering and Electronics.

Viktor Emelyanov was born on May 3, 1948 in Tukums (Republic of Latvia). Being the gold medallist he graduated from school in Buda-Koshelevo, and later – from Kharkiv Aviation Institute.

He served in various positions at the Kharkov Aviation Plant, the Gomel Plant “Module” and other industrial enterprises, and was also engaged in teaching activities at the Gomel State University and Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics.

The main direction of his scientific activity was material science in microelectronics; his scientific works are devoted to the physicochemical basics of solid-state electronics technology, and that of other electronics products. V. Emelyanov solved a complex of interrelated scientific and technical problems, covering the key technological processes of obtaining active structures of integrated circuits, assembling crystals, developing bodies of large integrated circuits, processes of producing fine metal membranes applicable for the mass production of large integrated circuits. He contributed to improving the quality and environmental resistance of electronic equipment without using scarce materials (gold) in them.

He is the author of more than 230 scientific publications, including 8 monographs, more than 50 patents for inventions and utility models.

V. Emelyanov is the winner of the Prizes of the USSR Council of Ministers and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus for the development and implementation of highly efficient technological processes and new materials, the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus for the development of new design methods and physics and technology foundations for the creation of high-tech production of competitive microelectronic products. He was awarded the Order of the Friendship of the Russian Federation and the Medal of the Russian Federation “For strengthening the combat community”.

From the database of the Republican Library on Science and Technology.