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24 July 2020

The new online service is meant to support the operation of IP Offices of origin and to facilitate the international application filing (Form MM2) by users of the Madrid System for the International Registration of Trademarks. An important feature of MAA is that IP Offices can make it available to their users without investing heavily in their IT systems.

The new service enables users to extract the necessary information regarding the base application from the database of the Office of origin. The new tool also includes the Madrid Goods & Services Manager (MGS), which can help users compile lists of goods and services and receive automatic translations of these lists if necessary. The completed international application is kept securely by MAA in case the user needs to access and amend it. The user can print the form or download the PDF file before submitting it to the Office of origin.

For more information about the service, follow the link to the WIPO website.

The source of information is Rospatent.

Photo: WIPO