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30 September 2009
The State Program of IP Protection for 2008-2010 («the IP Protection Program») was adopted to reinforce the national system of IP by better use of IP rights to meet national policy objectives, to advance the cultural and economic growth and to enhance industry’s competitiveness. This includes the improvement of conditions for promoting creativity and innovation, upgrading innovation support infrastructures and related IP services, enhancing opportunities for foreign investment, and for facilitating IP asset management, valuation and commercialization of the results of research carried out by research institutions, universities and enterprises. The IP Protection Program will help explore and promote new IP concepts, strategies and issues in a knowledge-intensive environment, establish appropriate incentives for artists, writers and inventors, and foster a broader public understanding of IP impact on economic, social and cultural development. It will work on the long-term training for professionals working in the fields of innovation promotion and IP management, and on the analysis and dissemination of information and methodological papers for IP policy development. This Program will also assist with the strengthening of IPR enforcement capabilities.