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29 October 2020

On October 29, 2020, the online meeting "Global Innovation Index 2020" was held. The event was organized by the National Center of Intellectual Property (NCIP), the State Committee on Science and Technology (SCST) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The online meeting was attended by representatives of 15 governmental bodies, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Communications and Informatization, Ministry of Culture, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, etc.

The event was also attended by the invited WIPO expert – Mr. Sasha Wunsch-Vincent, Co-Editor of the Global Innovation Index (GII) and Head of the Composite Indicator Research Section, Economics and Statistics Division, WIPO.

Director General Mr. Uladzimir Rabavolau, Head of the International Cooperation Division Mr. Arthur Akhramenka, Head of the Division of Registration and Promotion of Industrial Property Commercialization Mr. Dmitry Andrievsky, Deputy Head of Legal and Human Resources Department Ms. Natalia Novikova took part in the meeting.

During the online consultations, the presentation of the GII Report 2020 “Who will finance innovation” was delivered and followed by discussion of Belarus position in the context of international innovation indicators.

“The Republic of Belarus attaches great importance to innovative development. We are constantly working on improvement of legal framework and creation of suitable conditions for stimulating innovation. In recent years, the Republic of Belarus has shown steady growth in the GII ranking. Thus, in just 2 years, our country has climbed 12 positions, from 86th to 64th”, noted Uladzimir Rabavolau, Director General of NCIP.

This event served as a platform for discussing the innovative potential of Belarus and identifying further steps to improve its position in the GII ranking. The meeting participants agreed on the need to accumulate their own resources and attract foreign expert support, and also expressed their readiness to provide comprehensive assistance to enhance the innovative image of the country.