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9 June 2020

The next issue of the journal “Intellectual Property in Belarus” (No. 2, 2020) will be published in the short term.

It should be mentioned that this year the World Intellectual Property Day campaign was held under the motto “Innovate for a green future”. Belarus, like many other countries, supports such a proposition. We could not ignore this important topic.

Undoubtedly, the interview of Mr. Michal Svantner, the Director of the Department for Transition and Developed Countries of the World Intellectual Property Organization is what makes this issue special. In his interview, the international expert highly values the various areas of intellectual property (IP) system development in our country, including increasing human capacity, raising public awareness of the importance and possibilities of using IP for socio-economic, innovative and cultural development.

A topical issue concerns the use of open licenses in copyright, including possible mechanisms for their practical application.

The category of related rights is one of the least developed in intellectual property law. In the section “Copyright and Related Rights” the development of the system of international protection of related rights is analyzed, including the norms of international agreements in force in this field and their implementation in Belarus and other countries.

The topic of legal protection of trademarks is no less significant, since each conscientious manufacturer is interested in securing the rights to the designation with which he labels his goods. The “Trademarks” section introduces the definition of “unprotected trademark elements”, as well as examples of their use.

This issue also provides the analysis of the legal aspects of terminating a franchise agreement in connection with a change in the legal form of franchisee’s activities and concluding a new franchise agreement on previous or other terms with a newly created legal entity.

The problems of valuation of IP objects and economic rights to them are considered and ways to improve the legislation are proposed.

The editors of the journal are grateful to everyone for their attention and interest to our publications. We appreciate and respect each reader while maintaining an ongoing dialogue. This is facilitated, among other things, by the traditional Q&A section. So, in this issue the answers to the most interesting and frequently asked questions are published, this time covering the topic of legal protection of trademarks in our country and their registration.

We strive to always cater for the interests of those interested in relevant and credible information about the development of the national IP system.

We are open for cooperation.

As a reminder, the journal “Intellectual Property in Belarus“has been published four times a year since December 1998 and distributed to leading libraries, research institutions, and other organizations in Belarus. It was founded by the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus and the National Center of Intellectual Property.

In addition, by Order of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus dated February 13, 2007 No. 25, the journal “Intellectual Property in Belarus” was included in the List of Scientific Publications of the Republic of Belarus to publish the results of the thesis research on issues of economics and IP law.