Topics to be covered in the next issue of the journal "IP in Belarus"

14 september 2020


The next issue of the journal "Intellectual Property in Belarus" (No. 3, 2020) is about to be published.

Nowadays, intellectual property (IP) is acknowledged as one of the key resources of the economy. In the modern world with rapidly developing digital technologies in almost all spheres of activity, it becomes the most important component of the state economy functioning. It is safe to say that huge intellectual potential of the Republic of Belarus makes creation and application of integrated systems for IP protection and enforcement, including those in the digital environment, a priority area for further development of socio-economic and innovation policy of our state.

During his official visit to the Republic of Belarus in 2019, the Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization, Dr. Francis Gurry, noted that the phenomenon of digital IP raised humanity to a new stage of development. In terms of civilization, society has made a leap in its development that led to emerging of bio-digital community. Understanding of this process is inherent in all industrialized countries. Belarus is at the forefront of this movement.

Undoubtedly, the editors couldn’t but highlight the topic of using and protecting IP in the digital environment, which became the key subject of this issue.


"Some issues of transformation of international registrations".

Galina LIUTOVA, Head of the International Registration Division, Trademarks Department, National Center of Intellectual Property.

The article is devoted to one of the most important and neglected aspects of international trademark registration – the transformation of international registrations into national (regional) applications. You will get acquainted with international and national legislation on this issue, get an idea of the practice of individual countries and the place the Republic of Belarus occupies in the overall picture. In conclusion, proposals for improving the legislation of the Republic of Belarus will be considered.

"Registration of license agreements on granting the right to use a trademark: importance, foreign countries’ experience, proposals for improvement".

Darya PCHELINTSEVA, Leading Specialist of the Division of Registration and Promotion of Industrial Property Commercialization, National Center of Intellectual Property.

The legislation of the Republic of Belarus provides for the mandatory registration of license agreements on the granting of the right to use trademarks and service marks. The article provides a comparative analysis of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus concerning the registration of licensing agreements concluded in relation to trademarks and service marks with foreign legislation in this area. Proposals were made to improve the existing system for providing interested parties with access to information from the relevant register, as well as proposals to introduce into legislation a direct indication of the requirement to register termination of license agreements.

“The rights of broadcasting organizations. Prospects for international regulation."

Ivan BLIZNETS, Doctor of Law, Professor, Honorary Professor of Sofia University, Head of the Department of Copyright, Related Rights and Private Law Disciplines of the RSAIP, Academic Director of the Scientific and Educational Center for IP and Digital Economy.

The article examines the state of protection of the rights of broadcasting organizations on the example of Russia, as well as development of this sphere at the present stage. Particular attention is paid to the role of the World Intellectual Property Organization, the prospects for the adoption of a new treaty on the rights of broadcasting organizations and the positions of countries.


"The network of information centers and patent libraries PatLib and their role in information support of IP professionals: a brief overview."

Natallia MAALUF, Leading Specialist of the International Cooperation Division, National Center of Intellectual Property.

The article provides an overview of the activities of information centers of the European Patent Office PatLib. The author examines the services provided by PatLib centers and categories of users. The importance of centers' activities for protecting invention and innovation ideas is noted. Using the example of business and IP support centers in Great Britain, the article demonstrates their effectiveness in disseminating knowledge on IP issues among all interested parties.


"Comparative analysis and legal status of "free "computer programs and computer programs with open source code".

Uladzislau Tumashchyk, Leading Specialist of the Division of Copyright and Related Rights Legislation, Legal and Human Resources Department, National Center of Intellectual Property.

The article presents the analysis of the legal regulation of computer programs in the Republic of Belarus. The author compares the concepts of "free computer program" and "open source computer program". The concept of "copyleft" in the framework of legal enforcement of free computer programs, as well as court precedents on violation of the "freedom" of free computer programs are addressed.

"Exercise of rights to musical works while communicating them to the public as part of television and radio programs."

Andrei LUCHENOK, Deputy Head of the Rights Enforcement Division, Copyright and Related Rights Department, National Center of Intellectual Property.

The article covers provisions of copyright legislation governing the exercise by authors and other right holders of their exclusive rights to musical works, both individually and through the collective management system, in the case of using these works on the Internet by communicating them to the public as part of television and radio programs.


"Purposes and basic strategies of patent search in electronic databases".

Aleksandr MAZANIK, Leading Specialist of the Mechanics, Physics and Electrical Engineering Division, Industrial Property Examination Department, National Center of Intellectual Property.

Patent search is often used in solving problems in the field of protection and enforcement of industrial property rights. This includes patent examination of inventions, patent research, building patent landscapes and much more, up to checking the patent clearance of an invention or drawing up an expert opinion for the judicial authorities. Patent search is directly required for all of the abovementioned. In this regard, such a search is an important part of any analytical work in the IP field and therefore deserves full attention. In the article, the author analyses the concept of patent search, reveals its goals and methods, and makes a brief overview of the main databases used in its implementation.

Moreover, analytical information on the results of work in the half-year period has been issued. It contains the main indicators of the results of activities performed by the National Center of Intellectual Property as a patent authority of the Republic of Belarus.

The regular Q&A column contains the most relevant and frequently asked questions regarding specialized training in the IP field.

We invite authors (professors, postgraduates and undergraduates of higher educational institutions, researchers of the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries in the IP field) to cooperate in writing and publishing scientific and scientific-practical articles.

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