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2 June 2022

The Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) summarized the results of the traditional "Look into the Future" Universiade, in which more than 120 young inventors from eight member states of the Eurasian Patent Convention participated.

The subjects of the creative works representing the results of scientific and technical creativity and creative projects revealing the original solutions in the field of industrial design were the problems of ecology, health protection and healthy lifestyle, modern technologies in everyday life, as well as new design of familiar things. All projects were considered as real patent applications. In each nomination, the jury of experts from the EAPO determined the winners, prizewinners and awardees.

Damir Ulosevich (Belarus) won in the nomination "Earth is Our Common Home: Technical Solutions for Modern Environmental Problems" in the age category of 10-17.

Yelizaveta Ivanova (Belarus) took the first place in the category "Inventions for health care: solutions in the field of health care and healthy lifestyle" for the ages of 10-17.

Additionally, young inventors from Belarus won a number of prizes in other nominations.

You can find the complete list of awarded participants here.

Photo: EAPO