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5 January 2022

On January 1, 2022, the National Center of Intellectual Property introduced its new service for voluntary registration of copyrights and related rights, and depositing related documents and materials.

The detailed information is available at the link.

Registration and depositing can be processed with all kinds of works including:

  • Literary works;
  • Musical works;
  • Audio/visual works;
  • Art works;
  • Arts and crafts, design works;
  • Architecture works;
  • Photo works;
  • Geography, mapping and other scientific works;
  • Software;
  • Derived works (translations, annotations, reviews, remakes, remixes etc.)
  • Compiled works (anthologies, encyclopedias, databases, magazines, newspapers etc.)

With NCIP’s new services copyright and related rights owners will get an effective tool for their rights protection in case of their infringement. Upon the relevant request NCIP will provide the necessary information concerning copyright and related rights registration, depositing procedure and right owners (as of a certain date), NCIP deposits works and related materials in electronic formats with high-grade file security and access limiting. So the files originals are kept safe and untouched.