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28 July 2020

Creation of a single market of the Eurasian Economic Union and of customs barriers removal contribute to an increase in cross-border circulation of counterfeit goods, including those infringing intellectual property rights. The distribution of such goods poses a threat to the economic interests of not only the state, but also certain economic entities.

Efficient protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights can be carried out only if respective organizations have personnel with appropriate qualifications.

In order to improve the educational level of such specialists, the National Center of Intellectual Property (NCIP) prepared an additional training course program "Countering the turnover of goods infringing intellectual property rights". Within its framework the participants will:

- gain the necessary knowledge about protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights (trademarks and service marks);
- master the tools for preventing the release and distribution of counterfeit products;
- study the methods of detecting and suppressing illegal use of intellectual property objects;
- explore the peculiarities of judicial protection of rights to the individualization means of participants of civil circulation;
- study the practice of applying legislation on countering monopolistic activities and promoting competition in economic activities.

The training course is scheduled for August 12, 2020 (classes start at 10.30).
In order to enhance participation activity, the classes are organized on-line. The duration of the classes is 4 academic hours (tuition fee is 40 BYN per person).

To take part in the training course, please, fill in an application form (for individuals, for legal entities) and send it by August 6, 2020 to NCIP e-mail:

For more information contact us at: +375 (17) 272-99-01, +375 (17) 272-99-02.

Photo: NCIP