Consultations: +375 (17) 272 93 27
Filing of applications: +375 (17) 272 98 79
Commercial use of IP: +375 (17) 294 43 18

Accounts for payment of patent fees:
№ BY04AKBB36039000000820000000 (in BYN)
№ BY03AKBB36039000000950000000 (in US dollars)
№ BY50AKBB36039000000660000000 (in Russian rubles)
№ BY84AKBB36039000001090000000 (in Euros)
№ BY49AKBB36039000000790000000 (in Swiss francs)
Bank details of the National Center of Intellectual Property:
JSC "Belarusbank", Minsk, bank code AKBBBY2X,
OKPO 00040175, UNP 190310695.
In order to pay fees and charges nonresidents shall use services of correspondent banks.
List of correspondent accounts of correspondent banks of JSC "Belarusbank" is posted on the website under “List of Correspondent Accounts "Nostro".

Samples of payment documents