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Registration of topographies of Integrated Circuits. How to apply?

An application for registration of a topography of integrated circuit (IC) is filed with the National Center of Intellectual Property (NCIP).

An application must contain:

  • a request for issuance of a certificate for a topography of IC;
  • deposited materials including the kit of one of the following kinds of materials:
    • photographs of photo masks;
    • assembly mask work;
    • mask work in layers;
    • photographs of each layer;
  • samples of the IC with the given topography in the case of its use before the filing date;
  • an abstract;
  • a power of attorney if it is filed with the patent attorney.

The application is accompanied with an acknowledgment of payment of the fee (a copy of the payment order attested by the bank or a bank receipt) or a document justifying the grounds for fee relief or fee reduction.

The fee is transferred to the account of NCIP. The acknowledgement of payment must concern only one application and contain the registration number of the application or the title of the topography of IC as well as the indication of the paid service.

Legislation of the Republic of Belarus on the protection of topographies of IC.

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