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19 May 2020

In Belarus, it is proposed to create a specialized platform for transactions in the scientific and innovative sphere. Such a proposal was made by the Minister of Economy Mr. Alexander Chervyakov during the meeting of the special working group on solving problems of effective usage of the scientific and innovation sphere potential for the economy.

Financing is key to involving the scientific and technical potential for the development of the national economy. The Minister proposed creating a specialized platform for organizing and financing transactions concerning the results of scientific and technical activities.

“The main point of the proposed project is to concentrate all market trading in research and development results, technologies, know-how and other intellectual property products on one platform. It is about creating a platform for intangible assets trading and attracting investments to ensure transactions on it. For example, in the form of placement of securities – bond loans or shares. In the future, this site may become the basic market for R&D results trading in the EAEU”, he said.

Mr. Alexander Chervyakov also noted that the implementation of such a project, i.e. a trade and financial center for R&D, includes the deployment of a special infrastructure. It will provide quick access to research content, databases, resources and tools, which will significantly reduce the time used for the organization of research and development works and the costs of their implementation.

“This will quickly integrate the proposed project into the global system of the technology trade market, which will ensure domestic and foreign manufacturers demand for products of our scientists and developers,” he explained.

The source of information is BelTA.