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10 July 2020

In July 1895, Pavel Sukhoi, a scientist, aerospace engineer and aircraft designer, was born in the village of Glubokoye, Vilna province (now Glubokoye is the district centre of the Vitebsk region, Belarus).

P. Sukhoi was one of the first Soviet aircraft designers who promoted development of jet aviation, creating several jet fighters. After the design bureau under his leadership was established, a number of serial combat vehicles were developed, including Su-7 fighter with a flight speed twice as high as that of sound. Su-9, Su-11, Su-15 fighter-interceptors, Su-7B fighter-bomber with ski and wheel-ski chassis for landing at unpaved airfields, Su-17 variable-sweep wing aircraft, front-line Su-24 bomber, Su-25 attack aircraft, Su-27 fighter (4th generation fighter), are still in service with the Russian Air Force. There remained also a number of unfulfilled projects, such as Su-13. Under the guidance of P. Sukhoi, more than 50 aircraft models were developed, of which 30 were put into production.

Aircrafts produced by the Sukhoi Design Bureau received international recognition. The latest combat vehicle – the multifunctional Su-30MK fighter of the “4++” generation – is one of the best in the world in terms of manoeuvrability and weapon complex.

P. Sukhoi was awarded the Tupolev Gold Medal (1975) for his outstanding work in the field of aviation science and technology. In 1955, he was awarded the title of the Hero of Socialist Labour for the creation of Su-7B and Su-9 aircrafts. In 1965, on the occasion of his 70th birthday, he was awarded the second gold star of the Hero of Socialist Labour and the second gold medal "Hammer and Sickle". His awards and honours include three Orders of Lenin (1945, 1957, 1975), Orders of the October Revolution, the Red Banner of Labour (1938), the Red Star (1933), and the Badge of Honour (1936).

This list would be incomplete without naming the Stalin Prize (for the creation of Su-6 attack aircraft), Lenin Prize (1968), USSR State Prize (1975, posthumously).

In 2004, a street in Moscow was named after P. Sukhoi; his name was also given to the Gomel State Technical University (GSTU). In 1985, the Museum of P. Sukhoi was opened in the school № 1, the city of Glubokoye. In 1977, a monument to P. Sukhoi was erected in Gomel. In 1987, one of the Vitebsk streets was named after him.

From the database of the Republican Library for Science and Technology.

Pavel Sukhoi, photo: from the archive of School No. 1, Glubokoe