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29 June 2020

This was reported by Timur Zhaksylykov, Minister in charge of Economy and Financial Policy of the Eurasian Economic Commission following a meeting of the Advisory Committee on Intellectual Property held at the EEC's headquarters.

Representatives of all the Eurasian Economic Union member states as well as the Eurasian Patent Office and the CIS Executive Committee took part in the discussion.

The meeting attendees discussed the issues of State encouragement for creating and using intellectual property objects, ascertaining the amount of losses caused by the infringement of intellectual property rights, "parallel" imports and the possible extension of functions entrusted to the EAEU member states' patent offices.

The analytical review on intellectual property in the Union countries was considered as well. The information prepared by the EEC contains an analysis of Member States' legislation on legal protection and enforcement of intellectual property, and a review of activities conducted by authorized authorities and collective management organizations. The analytical review specifically highlights the economic aspects of intellectual property rights.

For reference
The Advisory Committee on Intellectual Property was created on September 25, 2012. It is composed of heads and deputy heads of ministries and agencies as well as business community representatives from the EAEU member states.

The Committee prepares recommendations on intellectual property for EEC, holds consultations, prepares proposals on interacting between the Union member states' authorized authorities, and addresses other matters.

The source of information is the EEC press-service.

Photo: Panumas Nikhomkhai